Zero Carbon Schools Programme

Green Schools Project is pleased to let you know about the next stage of their Zero Carbon Schools Programme that we will be offering from September. The programme is fully funded and provides schools with an educational opportunity to involve pupils in starting the school's journey towards zero carbon emissions. The programme includes:

  • Plans and resources for a series of 30 pupil sessions suitable for years four to nine
  • Support and planning for CPD time for teachers to enable them to reduce the school's environmental impact and include climate and nature in the curriculum
  • Support to hold parent engagement events that will help to turn the school into a learning hub for the local community around reducing carbon emissions
  • Support will include a monthly ‘how to’ session for teachers delivering the programme, a buddy and peer support system and help to calculate the school's carbon footprint.

For schools that have some budget available we will also provide a premium version of the programme that includes an assembly, a teacher training session, an introductory call with key staff, and support calls each term.

If you are interested, please contact Beth Newman on and she will send an information sheet and school agreement.