Your Future, Your Choice Post 16 options brochure

We are delighted to launch the Waltham Forest: Your Future, Your Choice Post 16 options brochure which is designed to support students in year 11, on 1-year courses in year 12, and parents and carers, with post 16 options for 2023 

Waltham Forest has a wide range of high-quality choices available for all young people, at all levels. 

The brochure contains information about getting advice, the available pathways, financial support and information about the post 16 offer in our Waltham Forest colleges and schools 

It is a useful resource to help schools and colleges meet the statutory careers guidance requirements to ensure that students are made aware of the full range of post 16 opportunities. Although aimed at years 11 and those on one-year courses in year 12, schools may find the content useful for careers education work with years 7-10 

We would like to thank the schools and colleges who have contributed to the content of this e-brochure. We encourage all institutions to feature the brochure on your websites, and in social media posts 

Please signpost parents to the brochure by featuring in your parents’ newsletters 

Secondary schools and colleges will be receiving a small number of hard copies of the brochure for staff to view

View the Your Future, Your Choice Post 16 options brochure