Welcome to Assistant Director for SEND, Eva Gunkova

Waltham Forest introduces Assistant Director for SEND Eva Gunkova, read on to find out what she had to say about starting with the council. 

“I have recently joined Waltham Forest SEND service as someone who has zest for learning, cares and is passionate about children and young adults in our community. I have formed a part of Waltham Forest culture for past 9 years and the core of my experience has been in safeguarding children and their families alongside the local collaborative partnership. I have worked nearly a decade in statutory local government and my key skills include developing relational leadership within the organisation and outward facing. Within my first week I have met children, parents/carers and professionals who desire for good and outstanding service delivery. The expectations are largely based on strong values around communication, respectful relationships and interventions that make positive contributions towards empowering everyone in reaching their potential. All of these values I feel strongly about and look forward to building SEND connections with the community we serve.

As a way of an update on key developments within the SEND service, I am also pleased to share with you that the SEND service will be moving towards school ‘clusters’ from February 2020. This is as a result of all views, feedback and helpful suggestions around service delivery. This means that our SEND officers will be linked to particular schools, making more effective use of their time and building relationship with children, young adults and their families.”