Updated FEE financial procedures from Monday 1 June 2020

Parents/carers do not have a statutory duty to take up their child’s FEEE place, however the local authority have a statutory duty to make every effort to source one where the parent/carer requires one.

Those providers who meet the expectation that school nursery classes and Ofsted registered childcare settings open, and resume providing an FEEE place to as many children as they safely can would continue to receive Summer Term Guaranteed FEEE funding in June, July and August. If the number of actual FEEE hours provided in the Summer 2020 term exceed those that the guaranteed funding is based on (Summer 2019), they will be paid additional funding for these hours .

Those school nursery classes and settings that remain closed because there are no parents/carers who require a place for their child at their setting or an alternative setting would also continue to receive their Summer Term Guaranteed FEEE funding in June, July and August. 

If schools/settings make the decision not to re-open their nursery provision to any children, and any parents want to take up their statutory entitlement to an FEEE place at an alternative provision, the FEEE funding would follow the child. Therefore the school nursery class or Ofsted registered provider that is offering a place would be paid FEEE funding for the hours that are being provided, and the FEEE budget for the school/setting which has closed would be reduced by this amount.