Transition Day - 7 July 2021

Following the letter from David Kilgallon sent to Headteachers last month in regard to improving the year six to seven transfer we would also like to confirm that traditionally in Waltham Forest primary and secondary Headteachers have agreed that the first Wednesday of July is used across the borough as a ‘Year seven Transition Day’. This day enables year six children to visit their intended secondary school, meet teachers and engage in positive activities.

This year, the Waltham Forest year seven Transition Day will fall on Wednesday 7 July 2021. Whilst the local authority do not directly engage in the organisation or delivery of this Transition Day, we fully support it and would encourage all of our schools to take part.

We acknowledge that during the current COVID-19 pandemic that delivery of this day may need to be slightly different to usual and may need to be amended depending on the level of lockdown restrictions at the time, however we are able to offer support to schools in reviewing risk assessments of any planned activities.

We would also suggest that the Transition Day is a good opportunity for year six students to take their best piece of written work into their year seven teachers and hope that we can continue with this joint approach to ensure that pupils are supported with this key transition point.