Tightening safer recruitment practice

LADO referrals continue to highlight Safer Recruitment weaknesses. Please ensure that yours are robust.

Recording DBS checks

Given that you cannot keep copies of DBS certificates, it may be worth keeping a proforma that records whether fields are blank or not, and that records risk assessments accordingly. This ensures that you can confidently refer back when allegations occur. 

Supply Staff / Staff from External Organisations

LADO receives much higher proportions of referrals for staff who are supply/agency or who have been supply/agency for some time. Take some time to consider how your SR process can ensure robust risk assessments of blemished DBS.

It is very important that all settings take responsibility to follow up any concerns that arise with supply staff, and ensure that these are referred to LADO as appropriate. 


Please use application forms and reference proformas when requesting references. Ensure that you follow up at least two professional references by phone and that if there are gaps or multiple changes in employment / agency work over the past five years, that you follow up more references and gaps. 


Please take responsibility to challenge concerns regarding any practitioner who is part of the children's workforce and ensure that it is reported to LADO if they are not / no longer employed by you. 

For guidance on Safer Recruitment, see: