Teachers Pay update - June 2020

An update on the likely teachers' pay timeline for 2020.

Friday 24 July 2020 - Local Government Association webinar on school pay and terms and conditions for 2020/21 (subject to confirmation of the timeline details to follow)

The likely timetable:

  • for announcing the Government’s decision on the STRB recommendations is likely to be made in the week commencing Monday 20 July 2020 with an eight week consultation period on draft STPCD (School Teachers pay and conditions document) taking us to around the middle of September.
  • The teachers’ pay order then needs to be laid before parliament for 21 calendar days, taking us into October before the 2020 pay award and any changes to STPCD (back dated to 1 September) are finally agreed. 

We recognise this likely consultation and implementation timescales over the summer holidays and October will present difficulties for councils and schools. It also presents difficulties for NEOST in consulting you on the affordability of proposed pay recommendations and/or any proposed statutory changes to teachers pay and conditions document. We articulated these concerns to the STRB during the NEOST oral evidence session and in the NEOST written evidence to the STRB on teachers’ pay for 2020.  We continue to represent you and make these points to DfE.  

A fuller update can be downloaded here