Teachers appraisal cycle in light of COVID-19 pandemic

Maintained schools must continue to adhere to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD), which includes the requirement to ensure that all pay progression for teachers is linked to performance management. However, schools are expected to use their discretion and take pragmatic steps, to adapt performance management and appraisal arrangements to take account of the current circumstances.

Schools must ensure that teachers are not penalised during the appraisal process or in respect of any subsequent pay progression decisions as a result of partial school closures, where this has impacted on the ability of the teacher to meet fully their objectives.

In light of the above, the appraisal policy, in line with the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, still applies when assessing teacher performance.  This is a statutory document and assessment is based on performance. Realistically we would expect most teachers who are entitled to pay progression linked to performance to be assessed as being entitled to this pay progression, based on their performance to date, mid-year reviews or evidence collated up until February half term 2020.  Notwithstanding, assessing performance prior to February half term if schools wish to reset targets for the summer term targets with agreement may need to be adjusted. Where this applies we would advise that there is robust evidence to support this decision. Where significant concerns existed prior to March of this year, then a judgement will have to be made on whether a pay increment can be justified based on performance. These are suggestions for Headteachers to consider when concluding their appraisal cycle.

The guidance should be read in conjunction with the Waltham Forest Appraisal Policy. If you have any queries or issues with individual cases please contact your traded HR Provider.