Support from Area SENCOs for EYs settings who have children in receipt of SEN Inclusion Funding (SENIF)

The criteria which describes the child’s current childcare situation will determine the support the Early Year's setting will receive from the Area SENCO:

If a child is continuing to attend their original setting – An Area SENCO will make regular contact with the SENCO via telephone or email to provide information and advice to help meet the child’s needs within their inclusive practice and provision and the child’s Early Year's support plan.

If a child is attending an alternative setting due to the closure of their original setting  – An Area SENCO will make regular contact via telephone or email to support transition of information from original setting and to support alternative setting to continue to meet the needs of the child.

If child is not attending a setting and staying at home – Setting SENCO to contact children in receipt of SENIF to advise parents on targets they can continue to support their child with at home. Setting SENCO also to direct parents to the Learning Together project on Chit Chat Pitter Pat and All Talk pages. An Area SENCO will make regular contact via telephone or email to support setting SENCO regarding supporting these children at home.

For all children staying at home please direct their families to the Learning Together on Chit Chat Pitter Pat for home learning activities. All Early Years practitioners should follow All Talk for further information on Learning Together.

In addition, the London Borough of Waltham Forest fund local Children and Family Centre Services who offer a range of services and support to families with children under five. Please share this information and signpost families to the follow services as appropriate: 

HENRY Best Start Service

Infant Feeding helpline 0208 496 5222

Healthy family and oral health practitioners and speech and language therapists call 0208 496 5223 or contact via email




You can speak to a Health visitor or school nurse to discuss health well, being and child development issues by contacting our Clinical Duty team by calling 0300 300 1970 or email


The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity

Family Support e-mail

Baby Bank e-mail



Early Help Support

Early Help support will continue call 020 8496 2310 (Mon-Thurs 9am-5.15pm, Fri 9am-5pm) or 020 8496 3000 out of hours). You can also email


Citizen Advice

For the full range of Citizens Advice services please call 0208 509 6444 and leave a voice mail. An adviser will call you back the same day.