Summer Flood action plan

Due to the current adverse weather being experienced across England, Waltham Forest has experienced areas of localised flooding - largely focused in the  Walthamstow Central, Blackhorse Road and Wood Street Areas and are aware that we may have experienced damage across the school’s estate. Schools will need to inspect their sites and buildings following heavy rainfall and catalogue the damage e.g. collapsed ceilings, water ingress under doors, roof leaks etc. and ensure that this is reported to Insurance as a matter of urgency. An example template is attached. It is recommended that a site plan is used to mark up rooms affected with a priority rating 1,2,3 with 1 being the highest priority damage experienced e.g. failed electrics with an action plan being produced prioritising actions to be taken to prevent further damage to the building and highlights were repairs are required on a priority basis e.g. check electrics are safe; rooms/ areas identified for summer school are cleared and made safe for schemes to be delivered or scheme to a location not affected by flood damage.

These plans should be shared with the Schools Asset Manager. Contact should be made with the Insurance team, however you may need to act before confirmation is received from Insurance. Photographic evidence should also be taken to support your claims.

Academies and Voluntary Aided Schools should contact your Trust Board or Diocesan Body for further advice or guidance and your technical advisor for support. We would ask that you keep the Local Authority updated with particular regard to any damage that might prevent full opening of your school in September. Maintained schools should contact your direct suppliers or NPS London for technical support. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Schools Asset Manager. It is recommended that schools revise their Emergency Plan include a section on Flooding using the Flood Action plan table as your template.

ContactsAngela Ferdinand-Sergeant, Schools Asset Manager 020 8496 8081.