Schools Opening - Easter Holidays 2020

David Kilgallon has written to all headteachers within the borough to provide an update on school opening during Easter holidays

The expectation is that schools remain open during Easter Holiday period to provide care for the children of workers critical to the COVID-19 response.

Following guidance from Department of Education the councils approach is to:

  • Encourage all schools to remain open where possible and where there is a need to care for the very specific groups of pupils identified
  • Promote Hubs or clusters of schools and encourage school to school collaboration 

Departmental guidance has previously indicated that schools should remain open over Good Friday and Easter Monday and the council is seeking confirmation of this.

The Waltham Forest view is that schools that are open through the Easter holidays should open over Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We do however understand there may be schools that determine this is not appropriate e.g. some church schools and that there will be other schools where there are no children that need looking after.  

School are reminded that they should inform the Council immediately where they have decided to close either temporarily or for a longer period.   When informing the Council, schools will need to indicate what Hub arrangements they have entered and what measures they continue to have in place to support the most vulnerable.  

We understand that this places a burden on you as school leaders and other staff that will be asked to attend work in what would normally be a period of school closure.  We thank you for your vital contribution to the local community at this time.