School funding: Exceptional costs associated with COVID 19

Following the DfE  guidance on the financial support that will be put in place to cover support for schools up to the end of the 2019 to 2020 summer term, Waltham Forest has produced local guidance for for schools who incur additional costs as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Where schools are not be able to cover these from their existing budgets they can make a claim to recoup these costs.

Schools should make the necessary payments from their existing budgets and record these in line with local finance policies. In June, there will be further guidance on the process for informing the ESFA of any additional costs relating to coronavirus

Schools can claim for

  • increased premises related costs (including keeping schools open during the Easter and/or summer half term holiday)
  • support for free school meals (FSM) for eligible children who are not attending school, (where those costs are not covered by the FSM national voucher scheme)
  • additional cleaning  (required due to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases)
  • other extraordinary costs

Mainstream schools can claim between £25,000 for smallest schools (250 pupils or fewer), rising to £75,000 for largest schools (over 1000 pupils)

Special schools and alternative provisions can claim £50,000