Risk Assessment update

Due to the recent update from TFL, where all users of public transport will be required to wear face coverings, schools are advised to update their risk assessments. The additional hazard is staff and pupils wearing/bringing contaminated face coverings into school. To reduce the risk please incorporate the hazard into your schools COVID-19 risk assessment.  Please also see below for suitable controls.

  • Staff and Pupils coming to school on Public Transport – Due to the updated TFL guidance for all users of public transport to wear a face covering, Staff/pupils using public transport will be wearing a reusable mask/face covering when arriving and leaving school.

The mask/face covering must be removed and double bagged before the member of staff/pupil enters site (If the mask is disposable this must be discarded) with staff and pupils washing their hands/sanitising before entering site. The mask must then be taken home and washed before being used again.  

It would be a suitable idea to offer staff, students and parents guidance on:

  1. avoiding public transport where possible and
  2. how to use face coverings
    • eg. ensuring they cover their nose and mouth, advising they wash their hands before putting on, taking off, and after removal of the face covering, to double bag the face covering after use and to use a separate face covering for their home journey/ every time they remove the face covering.

It remains the local authorities position to follow government guidance in the use of facemasks/face coverings; they must not be worn at work unless the PPE is used as part of the employees everyday tasks or, if a person becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus while in the school setting and needs direct personal care until they can return home.