Proposals to increase active travel - July 2020

You will be aware that in the Department for Education “Guidance for full opening – schools” one area it addresses is the challenge to school operations around transport.  The document highlights the pressure on the public transport system and the DfE expectation that use of public transport by pupils, particularly at peak times, should be kept to a minimum.

The guidance states;

“Schools should encourage parents, staff and pupils to walk or cycle to school if at all possible. Schools may want to consider using ‘walking buses’ (a supervised group of children being walked to, or from, school), or working with their local authority to promote safe cycling routes… pop-up bicycle lanes and widened pavements. For some families, driving children to school will also be an option.

However, these options will not be suitable for all. The Department for Transport is asking local authorities to:

  • urgently work with schools to survey parents on their typical routes to school and potential alternatives
  • consider a range of options for shifting demand for public transport onto other modes
  • consider using traffic demand management approaches in order to ensure that children are able to attend school from the start of the autumn term”

Download slides for proposals to increase active travel for Primary

Download slides for proposals to increase active travel for Secondary


We have been working closely with colleagues from the Behaviour Change Team in the Council who have put together an updated travel survey

Please ask parents, carers and pupils to complete this as a matter of priority.

The Behaviour Change team will use information gleaned from this survey alongside feedback from student focus groups and opinions of Headteacher at the meetings on Monday 20 July 2020 to inform their plans and actions moving forwards.