Planning for re-opening of childcare provision in June

Speaking in parliament on the Monday 11 May, the Prime Minister reiterated that the Government expects all children to be able to return to early years settings (including childminders) from 1 June.  Further guidance has now been published.

We will be proving regular updates for providers in the Hub Newsletter. We will also be providing regular updates for parents/carers new Children and Family Centre Facebook we would encourage you and your parents/carers to join this Facebook page for regular updates.

In the coming days, the Department for Education will continue to work closely with Waltham Forest Council, early years providers and sector bodies to finalise more detailed operational guidance to support the Councils and childcare provides re-opening plans. While we appreciate that you will be eager to receive this as quickly as possible, but it is important for the Government to get the content right. We therefore ask you to bear with us whilst we await this detailed operational handbook/toolkit being produced by the Government.

Full Government guidance:

Whilst we await this handbook/toolkit from the Government we would recommend that you start to review the following documents for your setting as soon as possible:

  • Your settings full risk assessment (relating to children, parents and staff and premises)

And your statutory procedures regarding

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Ill and infectious children policy
  3. Administering medicines procedure

We have produced a range of policy prompt documents that should assist you in completing this, these would need to be used alongside the specific guidance the Government have produced regarding COVID-19.

2,3 and 4 year old FEEE Guaranteed Summer term funding

In order to support the financial sustainability of all of our settings we would like to re-assure you that we are not planning to change the current arrangements regarding summer term guaranteed FEEE funding, as we appreciate that it is unlikely that settings will be back to the levels of occupancy achieved in Summer 2019 when they re-open. Therefore, you will continue to receive funding for June to August in the same way, and at the same level that you received during April and May. If the number of actual FEEE hours provided in the Summer 2020 term exceed those that the guaranteed funding is based on (Summer 2019), you will be paid additional funding for these hours at your 2020/21 hourly rate (subject to submission of relevant headcount and parental declaration information/documentation). Can we also remind you that you CANNOT furlough staff who’s payroll costs relate to the delivery of FEEE funded hours. Previous guidance has been provided regarding this. If you are unclear about furloughing or require further assistance with establishing what % of your staff can be furloughed, please contact Mohammad Akhtar or 0208-496-3577.

Childminders Only

On the evening of the Tuesday 12 May, the government amended its guidance to clarify that from the Wednesday 13 May 2020, paid childcare provided by nannies and childminders can be provided to the children of one household in any circumstance. Childminders may choose to provide childcare on this basis if not already providing care for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. This should enable more working parents to return to work. It is already the case that registered childminders and nurseries can look after key worker and vulnerable children.

  • A childminder that is already open and currently caring for children of key workers or vulnerable children, can stay open and continue caring for these children. However, they should not take on any more new children.
  • If a Childminder was not open during the enforced closure period, but chooses to re-open from Wednesday 13 May 2020, they could provide a place/s for a child or children from ONE household, providing it is in line with current guidelines to minimise the risk of spreading infection.

It is up to the individual childminder to decide whether they want to open from Wednesday 13 May 2020, or plan to re-open on Monday 1 June.