Ordering COVID-19 test kits

On Wednesday 16 September, the portal opened for schools to apply for more test kits. You can access the portal here. Schools and further education providers can order additional test kits if they have run out or are running out of test kits.

The latest slides from the Department for Education (DfE) that is being referenced at the webinars referred to in the link above. Schools are advised to pay special attention to these and in particular the guidance around possible use of testing kits for staff in exceptional circumstances. 

The Council would suggest schools consider using tests in this way to ensure that they maintain adequate staffing levels. Headteachers are advised to propose a school policy on the use of school allocated testing kits that they get ratified by their Governing Body/Chair of Governors. 

The DfE guidance has been adjusted given the increasing prevalence of COVID-19 and we are recommending that schools consider the prioritising of the use of tests kits for staff (and possibly their family members) for the same reason.