New Safeguarding in Education Training Programme 2019-20

The Safeguarding in Education Team have made it easier for you to plan your Safeguarding training throughout the school year, and have coordinated with colleagues to schedule courses that individual members of staff can attend, rather than requiring whole-school inset training. This should help with new recruits who start mid-year, and should help should you need individuals to meet their training requirements. 

Please note that there is a section on introductory courses, specific areas of safeguarding, courses for those working with children with SEND and courses for Headteachers, DSLs, other members of SLT and governors. 

Please let the team know what you think, and feel free to make recommendations of training that you'd like. The team have tried to be responsive and have commissioned various courses based on requests by school. 

Please note that the Safeguarding team will be updating it throughout the school year - for example, they plan to include some restraint training, etc. 

Please note, if you do choose to print the training programme, it is recommend that you opt for the booklet format as it'll save paper.

Download your copy