National Citizen Service Skills Booster

The National Citizen Service (NCS) have launchedĀ NCS Skills Booster designed to help Year 11 teachers support their students' personal development including lessons on Self-Belief, Hope and Gratitude, Being Connected and Employability via online learning.

The lessons are aimed at Year 11s, but can be easily adapted for other year groups, and are a great taste of what is offered on our full NCS programme. All content has been designed to align with the requirements of the Ofsted Personal Development Framework. Available lesson plans include:

  • Self Belief: Introduction to some self-belief strategies and their positive effects on resilience and recovery
  • Hope and Gratitude: Development of coping strategies to deal with negative thoughts/challenges that helps turn them into feelings of hope and gratitude
  • Being Connected: To introduce some strategies for students to reconnect with their friends and their communities post Covid-19/lockdown
  • Employability: To understand what employability skills are and how to use them, and how skills learnt in adversity can be a means of motivation

More information can be found here.