Monitoring Vulnerable Children -BACME- COVID-19


BACME are liaising with the Education Performance Information Team and is part of the borough wide strategy to improve the school attendance of vulnerable pupils during this period.  Through PowerBi, we can see the list of vulnerable pupils and their level of attendance.  

As a service, our priority is to continue to fulfill our statutory role and safeguarding duties for all school age children and young people.  As usual, we are processing Child Missing Education referrals by completing safeguarding checks including home visits.  We are continuing to process those Children Missing from Education by undertaking all necessary checks to facilitate schools with removing the child from role where appropriate and safe. 

Next steps

A notice to dis-apply section 444(1) and (1A) of the Education Act 1996 is in place between Friday 1 May and Sunday 31 May 2020, nonetheless, we continue to remind parents/carers, where appropriate, of the importance of children being in education.  BACME continue to monitor governmental changes and guidance with regards to schools ‘reopening’ in some capacity over the coming weeks. This will come with many challenges for school attendance.  BACME are exploring the possibility of appointing additional interim staff to meet an expected increase in demand for support around attendance issues.

We are beginning to consider the COVID-19 schools recovery plan.  This will be a borough wide initiative informed by the needs and resources of schools. All ideas around how best to manage this are welcome.  This is also on the head teacher’s advisory group’s agenda.  

If you have purchased an attendance package from BACME and would like support carrying out daily contacts to those on your school’s list of vulnerable pupils, please contact your allocated BACME practitioner who will assist.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Senior BACME officer- Attendance Lead: