Maintaining School Excellence Conference 2019

The Maintaining School Excellence Conference 2019 brought together senior leaders from  38 of our 44 maintained schools in theborough. Held in picturesque Gilwell Park, Chingford on Thursday 7 November, the conference showcased speakers from Waltham Forest services including the Director of System Leadership, David Kilgallon who set out the Council’s priorities and restated the overriding ambition to support our maintained schools.

The theme of collaboration was evident through the day. The conference heard about the different types of models of collaboration and the real-life experiences from Head Teachers operating a hard federation across 5 primary schools and setting up a soft federation with 7 schools spanning nursery to sixth form. After lunch delegates joined masterclasses on topics ranging from Collaborative procurement to Access Workspace to Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning.

Through the ‘I wish…’ postcard and roundtable discussion notes, the Education Business Effectiveness Service will be mapping out next steps in the immediate, medium and long term. Look out for more details in due course.