Invitation for The New Waltham Forest Agreed Syllabus

The launch day for the new Waltham Forest Agreed Syllabus - Wednesday 11 November 2020,  9:30am - 3pm – via Zoom

Please accept this invitation to the forthcoming launch of the Waltham Forest Agreed Religious education Syllabus 2020-2025.  The sessions detailed below will not exceed 1 hr 15 mins each, and there will be a break between each session.  We would like to invite all of our RE Subject Leaders, Heads of Department and members of SLT to attend this launch to raise awareness of the new syllabus and consider how to implement it within your school(s).

9.30-10.45 Session 1: The intent of the new Agreed Syllabus: belief, impact, connections


A practical guide to the new syllabus: what’s the same, what’s different, what impact will it have on pupils, and how to teach it.

11.15-12.30 Session 2: Implementing the Agreed Syllabus

Examples of excellent teaching and learning to exemplify the syllabus approach.

1.30-2:45 Session 3: Impact: teaching and learning, achievement and assessment

This session will explore more teaching and learning ideas, connecting them with methods of assessment, providing examples of ways to enable pupils to make good progress in RE; there will also have a short presentation from The Faith and Belief Forum.

We encourage you to attend the live sessions on the day as you will benefit from engaging with colleagues and trainers, and take part in lots of activities which you can use in the classroom. Although attending on the day will be beneficial, we appreciate that this may be difficult in the current climate, so all sessions will be recorded and made available afterwards should you be unable to attend, or wish to watch certain parts back.

How to book

To confirm your place, please email Donna Miller by clicking here. Joining instructions will be issued to you upon confirmation of your attendance.

Resources needed for the training

Ahead of the training you will need to download the relevant resources. This means you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Resources include:

  • The brand new Waltham Forest Syllabus
  • Resources for training activities
  • Resources for your classroom that will be referred to

To access these please visit here

Password: WalForSyll204d

These resources will be available from Friday 6 November 2020.

After the event this page will be updated to included recordings of all sessions, and session PPTs.

Joining and taking part in the Zoom sessions – some pointers!

  • We recommend installing Zoom, setting up an account and testing your settings in the run up to the training date if you are able to. This simply gives you peace of mind on the day that you will be able to join the session with ease.
  • Please sign in (if you have a Zoom account) or set screen name to join. It is very helpful for your screen name/display name to be your full name/given name, or your school name if you prefer. We have an attendee list which we admit people to the sessions from, so it’s very helpful if names match up.
  • You will get the most out of the session if you are able to use a microphone and webcam. This will allow you to join in group activities and discussions with ease. You can still join without them.
  • If you get ‘thrown out’ of the session (for example if your internet connection drops out) simply re-join when you are able and we will re-admit you. Very occasionally this can happen to our Trainers. They will assign a co-host at the start of each session which means that should the Trainer lose connection and drop out of the session, the session stays open as there is still a co-host present. The Trainer will re-join as soon as they are able, please remain in the session.
  • During the sessions we will use breakout rooms for activities. You will be told when we will do this. Please press ‘Join Room’ when the option becomes available – delays doing this can mean you are not then able to join the room and you remain in the main session.
  • Please be aware these sessions will be recorded so that you and other teachers in Waltham Forest can watch them at a later date.