Hot Weather Alert - Level 4 July 2022

There is a 100% probability of heat-health alert criteria being met from Monday 11 July to Tuesday 19th July 2022 in parts of England. 

London is set to be widely hot from Monday 11 July 2022 to at least Tuesday 19th July 2022. 

We urge all schools, youth services and children centres to take appropriate action and revise trip plans to increase availability of water and sun protection.

Schools holding any events or end of term activities ensure their risk assessments reflect the heat-health alert and any actions arising from that assessment.

Schools can download the latest Waltham Forest Heatwave plan 2022. 

Schools and educational staff can look at the action cards from page 68 of the heatwave plan 2022. 

Some actions to take: 

  • Ensure on very hot days, children do not take part in vigorous physical activity (i.e. Sports days)
  • Ensure there are adequate supplies of cold drinking water and ice
  • Provide children and parents/carers with advice e.g wearing loose, light coloured clothing, applying suncream and drinking more water than usual
  • Support staff to remain fit and well during spells of hot weather. For example, ensuring they have regular breaks, and have access to cool and ventilated areas
  • Encourage children playing outdoors to stay in the shade as much as possible 
  • Keep an eye out for children who may be less likely to cope with the heat than others, (this includes SEND children, children with long-term conditions, infants) and make sure they are able to keep cool  

Keeping classrooms cool:

  • open windows as early as possible in the morning before children arrive 
  • almost close windows when the outdoor air becomes warmer than the air indoors – this should help keep the heat out while allowing adequate ventilation 
  • use outdoor sun awnings if available, or close indoor blinds or curtains, but do not let them block window ventilation 
  • keep the use of electric lighting to a minimum 
  • switch off all electrical equipment, including computers, monitors and printers when not in use – equipment should not be left in ‘standby mode’ as this generates heat 
  • if possible, use those classrooms or other spaces which are less likely to overheat, and adjust the layout of teaching spaces to avoid direct sunlight on children 
  • oscillating mechanical fans can be used to increase air movement if temperatures are below 35°C – at temperatures above 35°C fans may not prevent heat-related illness and may worsen dehydration 
  • if necessary, consider rearranging school start, finish, and play times to avoid teaching during very hot conditions 

More actions to take can be found on page 68 of the heatwave plan 2022 and in the UKHSA guidance for teachers below: 

Looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves: for teachers and professionals - GOV.UK (

A letter from Joe McDonnell, Director of Public Health and Lauren Ovenden, Director of Education was sent to schools on Friday 15 July 2022 with further advice regarding the heatwave on Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July 2022. 

Download heatwave letter