High Needs Block consultation update

The local authority undertook a consultation on a proposal relating to the High Needs Block (HNB) funding for April 2020 onwards. This consultation ended on the 10 July 2019.  The HNB is the funding provided by the government for the local authority to support pupils with SEND, Alternative Provision and a range of SEND services.

The consultation contained a range of proposals relating to SEND provision, largely concerning:

  • funding for special schools
  • the level of support allocated to SEND advisory services
  • a new model for supporting Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • plans to support pupils who are in need of Alternative Provision (AP)
  • plans to support pupils who are in need of Schools Resourced Provision (SRP)

All responses to the consultation are being collated and carefully considered, and the council will inform of the next stages of the process, along with any final decision.

The council very much recognises that this remains a sensitive, complex and challenging issue, and one which many local authorities are facing. The council has decided to delay taking a decision on the current proposals so that further engagement can take place with key stakeholders and to allow for further dialogue with the Government regarding the funding arrangements for SEND.