Health and Safety Inspection

The Health and Safety Executive’s Field Operations Division has contacted CLEAPSS to explain it is undertaking a programme of inspections across England to see how schools manage the safe use and storage of the radioactive sources used in science teaching. An inspection programme may come as a surprise to some when you consider the relatively low risk of these sources compared to those used in universities and hospitals. But low risk does not mean exemption from inspection. 

The HSE has accepted CLEAPSS offer to provide their inspectors with an introduction to the importance of radioactive sources in practical science, and to explain the approach taken in L93 on how to manage the sources safely and meet all the regulatory requirements.  Ahead of the inspection programme, please go through the checklist 16.1 in the latest edition of L93 and make sure you have the appropriate arrangements in place.

L93 can be downloaded from the CLEAPSS website