Guidance for school and EY settings regarding suspected and confirmed cases of COVID19 and general FAQ’s

Waltham Forest has produced guidance for schools and EY settings in event of a possible or confirmed case of COVID 19

Infection Rate Update

There has been some confusion about the level of Covid within Waltham Forest, and some misleading statistics circulating, so we wanted to take the opportunity to clarify things. You may see figures shared around total infections for an area – these mainly represent what the situation was like at peak (late March/early April) – and aren’t relevant to what the current level of risk is.

In Waltham Forest, in the last two weeks (May 18th to June 1st), a total of 14 people tested positive – 1 a day, and about 30 times lower than at peak. This is a rate of 5 positive cases per 100,000 people, which is about average for London, and well below the national average. Levels of infection in London as a whole have been reducing more quickly than the rest of England (London has an R value of 0.4, compared to 0.75 for the rest of the country; this information is not available at local authority level).

Covid is still circulating in the community, and the diagnosed cases don’t show the whole picture, but it is inaccurate to consider the level of Covid in Waltham Forest to be high compared to elsewhere in London or England.