Governor Training Programme 2020-2021

In this year's Training and Development Programme for 2020 – 2021 year’s annual programme, you will find a blend of face to face and online sessions available to members of your governance board.

The programme aims to meet the needs of all governance volunteers; however, the team acknowledge that the pace of change in education is fast, and therefore there may be the need for an in-year variation to be made. The Governor service will work to continue to review your boards development need and offer sessions to support you in addressing those areas.

In this year’s programme you will notice some adjustments have been made to reflect your feedback, we have centralised Ofsted training and have incorporated this with the Governor Accreditation Programme – you can however still book this for an ‘in school’ session, tailored to meet the needs of your board.

As always, we encourage your Link Governor to devise an annual training plan for your whole governance board. The plan should focus on what the board needs to ensure effective governance, as well as those other courses Governors may wish to attend.

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