Getting ready for winter!

As winter approaches pupils and staff in nurseries and schools may increasingly come into contact with infections such as flu and stomach bugs (norovirus). These can be very infectious and cause outbreaks. But the spread of these illnesses can be limited with the following actions.

  • Encourage pupils and staff to receive a flu vaccination where eligible.
  • Reinforce general education for pupils and staff about regular hand washing, catching sneezes in tissues and disposing of them promptly (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’)
  • Regularly remind parents to exclude their child from school if they have symptoms of flu like illness or diarrhoea and/or vomiting or any other infectious disease.
  • Keep a list of children who are at higher risk of developing serious illness from flu. This information is essential in facilitating a prompt risk assessment in the event of an outbreak

Recognise outbreaks:  An outbreak is 2 or more cases of the same illness linked by time and place.

Report outbreaks promptly to your local health protection team 7 days a week. North East and North Central London - 020 3837 7084.

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