Free Idling Action Air Quality workshops

As a partner borough of the Pan-London Anti-Idling programme ‘Idling Action London’, Waltham Forest Council is inviting its primary schools to host a FREE air quality workshop for its year 4, 5, or 6 classes, followed by an opportunity to take part in one (or more) ‘Idling Challenges’. We want to teach pupils about the importance of air quality and arm them with the information they need to minimise their own exposure to air pollution, as well as engage the school community to take action and  persuade drivers to switch off their engines when parked outside schools. 

The workshop builds on existing eco and active travel initiatives and can be delivered either by the Idling Action project officer in school or virtually, or independently by the teacher utilising our video workshop and lesson plan. The workshop concludes with the students taking part in one (or more) Idling Challenges including our Anti-Idling Banner Challenge or No Idling Pledge Challenge. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought respiratory health to the fore, and although studies have suggested that prior exposure to air pollution can worsen the symptoms of coronavirus, we have also seen the benefits for local air quality when there are fewer cars on the road. London Idling Action’s work is now more important than ever, as we strive to work together with schools to raise awareness of air quality and to reduce avoidable air pollution from vehicle engine idling. 

If you are interested in booking a visit, or utilising our free resources yourselves, please get in touch with Natalie Curd, Project Lead,, or Alan Urquhart,, and we can discuss how we might best be able to work with your school.  

Visit for find out more about the project.