Free e-bug resources available to schools and early years settings this Winter

As we enter Winter, it’s really important that we try to reduce the spread of infections associated with this time of year. e-bug, operated by the UK Health Security Agency, is a health education programme that aims to promote positive behaviour change among children and young people to support infection prevention and control efforts, and to respond to the global threat of antimicrobial disease

e-bug has lots of free educational resources for educators, community leaders, parents and caregivers to educate children aged 3-16 and ensure they are able to play their role in preventing infection outbreaks and using antimicrobials appropriately

All resources are mapped to the national curriculum to explain the science behind what infections are and how to prevent and treat them, including providing resources on hygiene, antibiotic resistance and vaccination

School and early years staff are encouraged to take a look at the resources on the new-look e-bug website and consider how these can be used with children at their setting

You can also choose to sign up to the quarterly e-bug newsletter which will provide information for educators on new and updated resources, teaching training, lesson sharing from schools, and opportunities to engage with the programme