End of term message to all education colleagues

Thank you for your leadership over the last academic year. Your continued commitment to do the best for our children and families has been amazing. As I write, we are experiencing exceptionally high temperatures and again, you have responded brilliantly to ensure that our children are kept cool, safe and have access to education. The continued priority to give to support the most vulnerable and emerging vulnerable is appreciated.

Thank you also to all those who are supporting our summer programmes, and we are thrilled to advise that 18145 places are being offered to 5-16 year olds, through the Council Leader’s Pledge to support secondary transition and family sessions as well as the DfE Holiday Activity and Food Programmes.

I know the end of summer term is a joyful period in schools, where you have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of children. I hope that the heat has not curtailed too many of the celebratory activities.

I will briefly take the opportunity to look ahead to the next academic year; and how we are looking forward to working with you all, focused on delivering for our children and working alongside you. We have high aspirations locally and will be looking at how we refresh our Learning Partnership as a mechanism to co-construct solutions to the challenges we currently face. We also will seek to navigate, with you, the national policy changes that are on the horizon.

We have a strong school system, as evidenced recently by the above national average Key Stage 2 results this year. We will move forward with self-confidence as leaders that decisions will be made in the best interests of our children.

Finally, I sincerely hope that you have a well-deserved rest over the holiday period, and I wish those of you with examination results coming out every success for your pupils.

On behalf of all the People Directorate, we wish you a well-deserved rest over the holiday period, and every success for your pupils who are waiting for examination results this summer. We look forward to working with you in the next academic year.