EHCP pupils on dual roll at the Hawkswood Group consultation

The Waltham Forest Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Service propose that from 1 January 2021 the following process is implemented: 

  1. The Hawkswood Group to identify pupils on dual roll and add to the monthly EHCP return to the Local Authority's Education Finance Team. 
  2. The SEND Service to work with Education Finance to ensure the EHCP funding is appropriately split between schools. 
  3. Payment of Top Ups to be made monthly. 
  4. Further discussions to be held between schools, to ensure both settings use the funding for pupils with ECHP whilst at their respective setting. 
  5. SENCOs to inform SEND officers about all pupils with EHCP about changes to their provision and when they start accessing Hawkswood Group. 

Please contact Eva Gunkova if you have any questions, comments or objections to these proposals. 

For full details, please download the letter which went out on Thursday 5 November 2020.