Educational Excellence Everywhere white paper


In March 2016 the Government published its education white paper Educational Excellence Everywhere.

The white paper outlined the following key aims:

  • move the duty to maintain schools and the responsibility for school improvement from local authorities to a school-led system - schools will be expected to become, or be in the process of becoming, academies by 2020, with all converted by 2022
  • establish a schools national funding formula whereby most funding – with the exception of high need funding – will eventually be given directly to schools and not routed through local authorities.

However, in May 2016, the Government announced that while it remains committed to every school becoming an academy, it will not be bringing forward legislation to require "blanket conversion of all schools". Instead, legislation will be brought forward that will require conversion of all schools in a LA when either:

  • It is clear that the local authority can no longer viably support its remaining schools because a critical mass of schools in that area has converted; or
  • Where the local authority consistently fails to meet a minimum performance threshold across its schools

Other high-performing schools in strong LAs will be able to decide whether they want to convert. 'Good' schools will also continue to be supported to convert, and underperforming schools will continue to be required to convert with the support of a "strong sponsor".

In the future the local authority role in education will be focused on just three areas:

  • Ensuring every child has a school place
  • Ensuring the needs of vulnerable pupils are met
  • Acting as champions for all parents and families