Eat Like A Champ

Eat Like A Champ (ELAC) is a six-lesson programme designed to teach primary school pupils in Year 5 about healthy, sustainable lifestyles. The ELAC digital toolkit comprises lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, posters and activity cards. Primary school teachers can register for access to these FREE resources here.

The six lessons are:

  • Written in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation, British Dietetic Association and everyday sustainability experts Hubbub.
  • Developed to support the delivery of key healthy eating and sustainability messages and to encourage physical activity.
  • Linked to UK curricula.
  • Supportive of healthy schools initiatives.
  • Compliant with the Core Competencies.
  • Run in support of the Change4Life campaign.

Since the ELAC pilot launch in 2010, Eat Like a Champ has reached over half a million children and independent evaluations in 2012, 2016 and 2018 demonstrated that children who took part in Eat Like A Champ shifted their behaviours towards healthier eating habits.