Distance learning solution: Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is the unique position to enable teachers to use it as a distance learning system. As it is cloud based, pupils can log-in from home on any device that has a browser or they could download the app. Using the URL pupils can log in to the task set.

Teachers can set the task, send the pin code to the students or the students' parents, this means they can work through the topic the teacher has set from home.

The topic can be open until midnight of that day - so the teacher could look at the results in real time - or review later.

The directional feedback aids the pupils in getting to the correct answer, therefore, it's like an added teacher assistant prompting them to get the question correct, moreover, it could be a great way of getting the pupils' parents involved to help with their child's education.

For further information, please see here. 

Following information from Teacher Toolkit which lists LbQ as number one resource for COVID-19 for teachers to use for distance learning.

Schools can use LbQ for 60 days under the free trial, which can be found on this link.