COVID-19: reporting data available through the ‘View Your Education Data’ portal 

COVID-19 testing reporting data for your setting can now be accessed on the ‘View Your Education Data’ (VYED) portal'. To view your data, you will need to log into the portal using either your IDAMs or DfE sign in. 

You will be able to view the reported numbers of positive, negative and void test results registered by your setting. The data consists of registered results for pupils and staff, for tests conducted either on site via Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) or at home if  these have been registered to the setting. You can access the user guide and FAQs for more information.

The data can be used to check your understanding of your testing position, and benchmark against national data.

It relies on staff and students accurately registering test results therefore discrepancies between the data and actual testing levels is likely to occur.

The data does not include results from PCR tests, community or surge testing, therefore this should be factored in when interpreting participation rates.

This data can support your existing efforts in encouraging staff and students to report and participate in testing. Public Health England provides a range of materials that settings can use, with additional downloadable products for areas where variants of concern have been identified.

Maintaining momentum of the rapid testing programme is key to helping break the links of transmission and helping to ensure education settings remain open to all students and staff.