COVID-19 information and guidance in community languages

New translated health guidance assets, including information on test and trace

Key COVID-19 information and guidance has been translated into 15 languages, and we have developed free social media assets to make sure this information reaches communities. You can find all of the assets in the relevant language folders here , including the latest health guidance and information on test and trace.

As the Government’s guidance evolves, we’ll look to develop this work to include further messages and resources to help communities. 

How can you get involved?

We would be grateful if you could support this work by circulating these resources across your networks and channels:

  • Translated assets and videos for WhatsApp and social media in this  Google drive . This includes a number of European languages such as: Bulgarian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian and Spanish, but also Vietnamese, Cantonese, Turkish,  Bengali,  Kurdish,  Urdu, Punjabi (Pakistani), Punjabi (Indian), Gujarati and Yiddish. 
  • The website with further translated information by Doctors of the World, please check the date of the latest update. Here you will also find the recently published wellbeing guidance for migrants developed by Doctors of the World, in partnership with ThriveLDN and supported by the Mayor of London.
  • The Employment Rights Hub for information about different employment rights plus details of what to do if you're having trouble at work - translated into 20 languages.