The Council's Climate Action Plan

A national climate emergency has been declared by the UK Parliament.

MPs are calling on the government to make changes that include setting a new target of reaching net zero emissions before 2050. We can all play a part in tackling this crisis, everyone has their part to play.

Schools have a critical and pivotal role to educate and build on consensus to make long lasting changes for future generations. Positively, schools have already put in place a host of carbon reduction work from implementing energy efficiency measures and significantly reducing single use plastics to supporting behaviour change campaigns such as school streets, eco-councils and enhancing on-site biodiversity.

But this is the tip of the iceberg - more can be done.

As part of the Council’s Climate Action Plan, Suntrap Forest Centre is establishing a network of Climate Action Teacher Leaders. This network will be the voice between schools and the Council and help to drive this important work forward in a way that is meaningful to individual school communities.

If you would like to become your school’s Climate Action Teacher Leader, or if you’re a Senior Leader in school and would like to nominate a teacher, please email contact details to

There is no Planet B the time to act is now. Achieving a zero-carbon future will have positive impacts on the lives of everyone, but especially young people; reducing air pollution, increasing liveability in the borough, and safeguarding our future against the serious impacts Climate Change will bring.