Consultations on admissions arrangements for September 2021 intakes

The council’s admission’s team is undertaking a consultation on admission arrangements for September 2021 intakes.

Schools which are their own admission authority (OAA schools) must complete the online form and submit to the admissions team.

All admission authorities are required to determine their admission policies annually and to carry out a consultation if changes are proposed to admission arrangements for the following school year – this includes published admission numbers (PANs), oversubscription criteria and Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs).

Changes to your school’s admission arrangements for 2021

The School Admissions Code requires all admission authorities to consult at least once every 7 years even if there have been no changes during that period. 

The council will consult for community and voluntary controlled (VC) schools where necessary and details will be available on the LBWF School Admission Consultation website from the start of the consultation period. The admissions team will email you the link in due course.

The consultation period for changes to admission arrangements for 2021 intakes will be: Monday 2 December 2019 to Monday 20 January 2020.

Remember to put a copy of your proposed 2021 admission policy on to your website and to inform parents about the consultation.

Please complete the form informing us of proposed changes (or no changes) to your school’s admission arrangements. 

Please complete the form by Friday 6 December 2019.

What happens after consultation?  When the consultation has been completed, schools’ admission authorities must:

  • Determine (formally agree) admission arrangements each year by 28 February;
  • Notify appropriate bodies (see paragraph 1.44 of the School Admissions Code); See details attached on next page.
  • Publish a copy of their determined admission arrangements for September 2022 on the school’s website (by 28 February) and display for a year;
  • Send a copy of their full, determined arrangements to the local authority (LBWF) by 15 March 2020 even if there have been no proposed changes.

Admission authorities for schools with a religious character must send a copy of their arrangements to the person/body representing their religion.

Complete the form.