Consultation: Update to careers statutory guidance for schools and colleges

The Department for Education (DfE) have announced their plans to update the July 2021 statutory guidance in January 2023 and have clear intentions to be more prescriptive and direct.  The DfE are wanting schools and colleges and career professionals to consult on:

  • The ease of use and understanding of the statutory guidance.
  • Examples and case studies of delivery of high quality provider encounters to strengthen the final statutory guidance document and ensure it is based on existing professional practice.
  • The usefulness of the example of a provider access statement.
  • The effectiveness of a ladder of support and intervention as a means of ensuring that there is a transparent and consistent approach to helping all schools to meet the provider access legislation.
  • Increasing the independence of quality assurance of careers guidance in schools and colleges. We are interested to consider whether there is a role for greater independent peer or expert review and whether this could further help schools and colleges to learn from good practice and further develop their careers programmes.
  • The coverage of the equality impact assessment and whether all potential equality impacts have been explored.

Most of the proposed changes to the guidance are to strengthen the existing Provider Access to help schools and colleges promote technical education. 

A draft version of the revised statutory guidance has been published alongside the consultation, and the two documents should be read in conjunction.

For further details on the consultation go here.

The consultation ends on Friday 25 July, 2022.