Climate Emergency: Tree Giveaway November 2021

The first Great Waltham Forest Tree Giveaway will see every primary school child in the borough offered the chance to plant their very own tree as part of Waltham Forest Council’s continuing commitment to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

As a result we could see thousands upon thousands of new trees planted across Waltham Forest by young local residents in private and communal gardens, school grounds, local parks and green spaces later this year.

The young deciduous trees – referred to as whips – will provide a huge boost to the local environment over the coming years and decades as they grow and start to provide habitats and food sources for all manner of insects, birds and mammals, create improved canopy cover, and help to absorb harmful emissions from the air we breathe. The ten species chosen were specially selected because of their abilities to support these critical climate and ecological endeavours. Eventually, when they reach maturity, they will become ecologically valuable small- to medium-sized trees that will be easily manageable.

We are inviting schools to get involved and are happy to widen the giveaway to all schools that want to get involved and can help give more children the chance to plant trees.

Any school that is interested can email our project team and we can help with advice, answers to any questions or support to accommodate the school in getting involved.

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