Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

The National Police Chiefs' Council have been working with The Children's Society through their Prevention Programme to develop a number of materials for Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation during COVID-19. They have circulated a poster for frontline staff. 

The poster builds on their work and is designed for neighbours and key workers visiting premises during the crisis. It outlines signs to be mindful of and how to report any concerns. 

During lockdown, some children and young people may be being abused and exploited at home. Look out for: 

  • Guarded behaviour of a child around particular individuals
  • Sudden changes in behaviour
  • Children with bruises, burns, bite marks or fractures
  • Hearing or seeing shouting and violence towards a child
  • Children seen carrying or using drugs
  • Children being late or arriving home late in different cars 
  • Unaccompanied children visiting a house where only adults live

Download the poster to display in your settings