Careers guidance and access for education and training providers January 2023 update

Statutory careers guidance for schools and colleges in England was updated on 5 January 2023

The areas of most significance in this guidance compared against the September 2022 version are: 

  • ‘Careers Guidance’ continues to be the term to define all eight Gatsby Benchmarks (page 4) 

  • The guidance is for both schools and colleges (page 6) 

  • There is new information on how the requirements should be approached for middle schools (page 15) 

  • The guidance has a dedicated section for governors and senior leaders (page 14)

  • The Baker Clause (access to education and training providers) has been strengthened further with clear expectations of what schools and colleges must do and the information they must provide on the website. A 13-page section in the guidance (pages 40-53) is on the access legislation. There is now an expectation of at least 6 encounters and specific directions of what is and is not acceptable. 

  •  The guidance features a ‘Ladder of support and intervention’ which acts as a four-stage procedure for schools not complying with the legislation 

  • There is an updated example of a policy statement on provider access (pages 55 – 59)

A summary of the key paragraphs can be found on our careers statutory guidance page

To read the document in full go to Careers guidance and access for education and training providers - GOV.UK (