"Break Bread and Build" Project for young people

Most Valuable Person (MVP) is delivering the 'Break Bread and Build’ project in the Leyton/Leytonstone area. They will be kicking off the sessions on Friday 11 February 2022. Spaces are still available. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Young people aged 12- 16
  • Must live or go to school in Leyton/ Leytonstone
  • Peabody residents have priority (Peabody funded project)

The 2 hour bi-monthly provision sees:

  1. A healthy warm meal
  2. Mentoring 
  3. Peer to peer reviews

About Break Bread and Build: 

The Break Bread and Build project is aimed at young people aged 12 - 16. The sessions are designed to help our young people navigate through these difficult post pandemic times, gain a fresh new perspective, build confidence and plan their future. 

The session is composed of:

Bread Bread – The Meal

Every other Friday, attendees are welcomed with a warm meal. The safe space is conducive to attendees being able to express themselves, as well as improving their social skills. 

Build – Mentoring/Life Skills Talks:

Attendees will be taken out of their comfort zones, explore topics relevant to them and their futures, as well as introduce them to role models-like adults. Attendees are expected to be motivated to make the relevant life changes needed to progress. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to participate in podcasts. 

If you have any young people in mind, could you please fill out the registration form with them? 

Here is the link: REGISTRATION FORM

Once your young people have filled out the registration form, MVP will contact them with a confirmation email with dates, venue information.