Belmont Hoarding Artwork Project

Belmont Park is a specialist secondary Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) school for 10 to 18 year olds in Leyton. Its 60 pupils were recently given a unique opportunity to work with local art network Wood Street Walls to design and and install artwork for the hoardings around the Leyton Green Partnership Project construction site. 

Students submitted inspirational quotes to feature in the work. Suggestions included the school motto, 'Dream, Believe, Achieve and 'Bikes Up, Knives Down'. 

Art teacher Hannah Clarkson-Dornan said "Another favourite was 'Love yourself, just hug yourself and trust yourself'. Many of our students struggle with poor self-esteem; this message acts as a reminder for students to be kind to themselves, know that everyone has good days and bad days and to believe they can always get better. Here at Belmont School we try to make the students feel as though they are in a safe space to express themselves. Seeing the pleasure and sense of achievement that our young people gained from just a few hours of painting on a large format was amazing" 

Installation of the hoardings involved pupils studying Construction at the school.