Autistic Pride Day 2022

The London Borough of Waltham Forest will be celebrating Autistic Pride Day 2022 this year and we are looking local groups and residents to help us celebrate. The event will take place on 17 June 2022 at Fellowship Square from approx. 3pm to 6.30pm.

We will also be celebrating Learning Disability Week with events being held at Fellowship Square on Monday 20 June and Tuesday 21 June 2022.  

We are looking for the following:


If you are part of a local performance group, for example, singing or dancing or even creative writing and reading, and you would like to celebrate by performing for our residents we would love to hear from you. We are especially keen to hear from those with a link to our autistic community.


We are also looking for people with a link to our autistic community, who would like to share their experiences of living with autism with our attendees.

If you are interested in participating or for further information please contact by Wednesday 8 June 2022.


We would like to celebrate autistic pride on our website and through our social media by promoting autistic voices.

We are looking for short video clips of no longer than 20 seconds long and want you to answer one question “What makes you proud to be autistic?

Please send your video clips to