Air Quality research project

The Council has been given the exciting opportunity to take part in a research project with a multidisciplinary group of researchers working at universities including Cambridge, Surrey and Imperial College. The research is focused on CO-TRACE but is also relevant to TAPAS and air pollution.

CO-TRACE stands for COVID-19 Transmission Risk Assessment Case studies - education Establishments (CO-TRACE). We know that you have been working incredibly hard to keep children safe and healthy as they return to school in the context of the pandemic, and the research aims to help provide further guidance in the run up to next winter.

The TAPAS network ( is focused on improving air quality in schools,  working with the Clean Air for Schools framework from Global Action Plan and bringing school communities together with researchers, industry and civil society to develop the research base to operate healthy schools now and in the future.

The researchers would like to monitor at least six school sites.  In one or more of these they will conduct the microscale measurement to support research to understand the various micro-factors that effect the transmission risk of airborne COVID-19. The intention is to install monitors in a variety of school spaces – classroom, lab, staff, offices, halls, kitchens, corridors etc. for two weeks in June this year.

If possible, the researchers would like to engage with staff and pupils about what they are doing and why.  Obviously all activity and engagement by the researchers will be conducted in a COVID-19 secure way and in accordance with school control measures.

If you're interested, then what we'd like from you is an expression of interest and for you to identify a lead person / point of contact for the project.

More information 

Please respond to Fiona MacMillan, Schools Strategic Development Manager.


Mobile: 07967 588 382