Feeling hot hot hot!

From Wednesday 24 June 2020 to Friday 26 June there is an 80% chance of there being weather that is hot enough to have a negative impact on health. 

Waltham Forest have a heatwave plan for our information. 

Her are some actions you can take: 

1. Please ensure that your staff, service users and commissioned services are aware that hot weather is forecast and know what actions to take to reduce the risk of hot weather harming their health and the health of others (see below information). Some useful resources for this are here:

2. Familiarise yourself with the heatwave plan and actions for your service area in the action cards (p22 onwards). Each action card has a lead who is named in the plan. If you are not the named lead on the action card for your service, you may wish to offer your support to the lead in carrying out any actions relevant to your team/s.

3. If you are a business continuity plan (BCP) owner, please ensure your BCP considers the impact of heatwaves and mitigating actions within it. Some things to consider are in the attached presentation.